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Doctoral Psychology Internship, Postdoctoral Fellowship, and Student Training Program


TMC's internship program is a member of the National Psychology Training Consortium, which is an APPIC member and APA-accredited program.

                           Psychology Training Director

Shawn McDaniel, Psy.D.     shawn.mcdaniel@tmcmed.org

Program Overview


The TMC internship program is designed to provide interns with a breadth of training focusing on empirically-supported assessment and treatment methods. Interns in the inpatient rotation also gain in depth exposure to inpatient mental health treatment, which involves specific services to aid in acute mental health crises and a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration.


The currently available internship rotation consists of a 12-month experience on in Truman's adult inpatient psychiatric units. The facility consists of two 25-bed units. Interns will also gain exposure to related practice areas, including risk assessment, civil commitment proceedings, and guardianship hearings when available. Interns also routinely gain supervision experience through the use of undergraduate observation students and master's- level and doctoral practicum students. For a more thorough program explantation, please refer to the documents located in the documentation tab above or the additional program information in the above menu.